Thursday, July 10, 2008


It is a rare occurrence, for an event to be so amazing that words or pictures, simply, do not do it justice.

Such is the case for the Hollywood Bowl. Excuse me, the Hollywood Bowl and Stevie Wonder.

Have you ever been to a restaurant, park, or classroom more than five times? The first time you walk in, it's fresh right? You take in all the sights (how the furniture is arranged, special architectural features, the crowd), smells (aromas of the food, the people, the facility), and sounds (background music, etc.).

For the most part, after going to the same place half a dozen times, you feel comfortable and know what to expect. It becomes familiar.

With that said, my experience at the Hollywood Bowl, my every experience at the Bowl is always consistently fresh, invigorating, and even a touch uncanny.

I mean, I'm used to walking up the hill, going on the escalators, and setting up shop with dinner and drinks.

But the moment I enter the actual amphitheater, I feel the thrill and excitment rush through my body, as if it were my first time all over again. My guess on what it is exactly? It's the people. The crazy synergy from the very eclectic crowd.

Everyone's there to have a good time, to enjoy the music, and to bask in the lovely summer weather in LA. People from all walks of life and all corners of LA come to Hollywood for the Bowl.

Some of the songs he performed:

Isn't She Lovely (With his daughter, Aisha Morris right next to him, it was really sweet)
I Just Called To Say I Love You
You Are The Sunshine Of My Life
Signed, Sealed, Delivered I'm Yours
For Once In My Life
My Cherie Amour

He introduced his children at the start of the show and was incredibly funny and personable with the audience.  The 2.5 hour+ performance was pure entertainment.

All under the cool breeze of a warm summer evening.

So if you live in LA or even SF, with all due respect, what in the world are you waiting for?


Paris said...

Awe, this sounds like you had a great time! 2.5 hours, good on him!!

I've tagged you!xx

cupcakes and cashmere said...

i'm so jealous, the bowl is one of my all-time favorite places to see a show. it's simply magical when you see a good concert and i 'i just called to say i love you' always puts me in a fantastic mood.