Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Looks can be deceiving.  This dress is definitely a lot shorter than it looks in these photos. I'm talking dangerously (almost booty-exposed) short. Luckily, I was armed with boyshorts, a boyfriend, and a heavy bag to weigh down the back.

Built-in belts I enjoy, when made from the same spool of fabric as the dress. It gives so much more versatility to whatever piece it's attached to.

In the first three photos, I tied it tightly around my waist. In the last one I made it looser, giving the dress a subtle yet totally different feel. You could also cinch it up top to give it an empire waist. There are many possibilities.

Dress: Sample sale frock
Sandals: Capri
Bag: Gryson


i think thats hauttte said...

i really like your dress, and how there's many possibilities!

get dressed! said...

Too cute, I love the print!

Alice Point said...

Your dress is gorgeous! I think the lenght is perfect! Mini dresses and skirts are the best:)

Isa said...

Your dress is very nice!
Love the colors and print..How is it in the back ?

Ida said...

The print is so nice! And I really like the belt - perhaps loose is best. I'd love to see it empire-waisted, too.

Times of Glory said...

The dress is very cute - the print and the detailed front and your creative belted/not belted do! You look just sooooooo darling!

MadameDior said...

=o i love that dress, the colors are so sweet and gorgeous it looks fabulous on you. My sister has a lot of too short dresses in her wardrobe, she just wears a cami under neath that has some colour connection with the dress, you could try a red one? =]


Thank you dear, for that wonderful comment. :) And what a lovely dress you have on here. Stylish. ♥

Shen-Shen said...

I like it loose! The pattern is so lovely :)

Anonymous said...

Either way, it looks awesome. No, wait, YOU look very awesome! It is supercute!

Kaitlin Rae said...

love the dress both ways, i especially like the fun print


Great dress I like it belted and short it really compliments your figure. Yummy pattern it remind me of candy:)


Terren said...

i think thats hautte: thank you hun! me too! :]

get dressed: the print totally got me. just knew i had to have it when i saw it on the rack.

alice point: minis are perfect for summer. but for some reason i have to be in the right "mood" to wear them. if not, i'd just be tugging and pulling all day long. :]

isa: dang, i should've taken a picture! it's very simple in the back actually. if you can use your imagination, it's just a keyhole joined by a salmon color button at the top.

ida: yeah...i tried it on empire waist when i got home. not flattering for my body type, but it would definitel work for others!

times of glory: you are such a sweetheart! thank you!! :]

madame dior: ohh. that sounds like a good idea...i'd never even thought about wearing it like that. thanks!

fashion chalet: thanks! :]

shen-shen: perfect for summer ya? :]

the_kitten: why thank you sweetheart. that is super super sweet. :]

kaitlin rae: thanks!

culture creators: totally cc. the button on the back totally reminds me of candy. it's like a glossy, semi-transparent, reddish/salmon color.

K.Line said...

Absolutely adorable, Terren. This is SO my kind of dress - and you wear it very nicely!