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Not stingy with the seafood - fish soup from Kajsas Fisk
Scandinavia is hands down my favorite area of Europe and the food scene there is probably one of the most exhilarating in the world.  Stockholm was always very high on my Europe bucket list and while the trip was unexpected (I was supposed to go to Coppenhagen, but the flight got cancelled a week out), I was determined to make the most out of it. With less than a week to organize the trip, I ended up doing more food research for this city than any other place I've visited. I'm happy to share that every single place I dined at was incredible, which is rare for a city. 

Oh, and if you are a shopper, you're in for a treat. Stockholm is hands down one of my favorite shopping cities (stayed tuned for a Stockholm shopping post).

Hotorgshallen* 11157, Norrmalm
Mon-Thu 10:00-18:00, Fri 10:00-18:30, Sat 10:00-16:00
If there is one place in Stockholm you shouldn't, or cannot, miss, it is this place.  I would travel to Stockholm again just to have another taste of their famous fish soup.  At Kajsas, they don't add two pieces of rubbery shrimp and call it fish soup.  It's quite the opposite.  They are incredibly generous with their seafood and each bowl is filled to the brim with all forms of delectable sea life. The broth alone is so rich, thick, and tasty.  Salad, bread, and water all come with the cost of the soup (free refills!). If you love seafood, do yourself a favor and make sure you add this place into your itinerary.  We went right when they opened and by the time we were done, the line was insane. 
*Hotorgshallen is a cute little food hall.  After our meal at Kajsas, we took a stroll and bought some smoked salmon and dried fruits for the flight home.
Almost too good to be true

Fish soup with a dollop of garlic aioli and a small salad
Jakobs Tord 12, Norrmalm (T-bana: Kungstradgarden)
Monday to Friday, 11:30am-11pm; Saturday, 12pm-10pm
If you want to try Swedish classics, head straight here. The meatballs with gravy and potatoes were amazing here. Bakfickan actually share the same kitchen as Operakallaren (a high-end restaurant serving innovative Scandinavian cuisine), which means you get amazing food at a fraction of the cost. No reservations accepted.

Swedish meatballs - not the Ikea variety
Lingonberry sauce and picked cucumbers to accompany the meatballs
Grand Hotel: Sodra Blasieholmshamnen 6
Monday to Friday, 12pm-2pm; Monday to Saturday, 6pm-12am
I highly recommend this restaurant.  Every single thing we ate was delicious and the service was perfect - accomodating and highly professional, but human at the same time.  We sat at the bar, which I would recommend over a table because you get constant service and a closer look at what goes on behind the scenes. This was probably the best full meal I had in Stockholm. 

Everything was good from amuse bouche to petit fours.  The molten chocolate cake with caramel gelato was insanely good.
Eriksgerbsgatan 6
08 611 77 00
Monday to Thursday, 8am-8pm; Friday, 8am-7pm; Saturday and Sunday, 10am-7pm
This cafe is famous for its kanelbullar (bun with cinnamon sprinkled with huge nuggets of sugar).  It has an incredibly appetizing spread of baked goods and their coffee is made with care.  All in all a great spot for breakfast or brunch.  


A ridiculously rich-looking cake for breakfast?  Sure, why not.
Södermalmstorg Södermalm
Monday to Friday, 10am-7pm; Saturday to Sunday, 12pm-5pm
This place is famous for its fried herring, and rightly so.  We went a little after the lunch peak and the line was still 20-30 people deep. Each piece of herring was fried to perfection and the sides took it to another level.  Cash only.

Fried herring with picked onions and cucumbers

Fried herring with potatoes and pickled veggies
Blekingegatan 40 (T: Skanstull)
Monday to Thursday, 3:30 pm-1am; Friday to Sunday, 1pm-1am
An authentic Swedish beer hall.  Their famous Flasklagg (pork knuckle) is a beast.  Even with B's big appetite we barely finished our meal. 

Doppsko (Swedish hash), Flasklagg (pork knuckle) with three types of mustard, a homemade variety of ice cold Schnapps, and  "S.O.S" (smör, ost och sill - butter, cheese, and herring in Swedish) - Assortment of pickled herring and cheese

Klara Norra Kyrkogata 26, Norrmalm
Monday to Friday, 7:30am-7:30pm; Saturday, 9:30am-5pm; Sunday, 12pm-5pm
One of the most famous cakes in Stockholm.  We orderd the Princess Cake, a custard filled donut, and something to go (forgot what was in the bag) and it was all delicious.

Princess cake, fried pastry with custard filling, and a mystery pastry we took to go (sorry, I forgot what it was)

Close up of the princess cake
Nytorgsgatan 38  116 40 Stockholm, Sweden
+46 8 714 85 14
Monday to Thursday, 9am–8pm; Friday 9am–7pm; Saturday to Sunday, 10:30am–7pmA relaxed cafe in the SoFo district (this area is work a look, tons of cute boutiques and an Acne just down the street).  It looks like a former retail space turned coffee shop.  There are large chairs and coffee tables arranged on a raised platform (a little strange to me) and all the furniture is for sale.  The berry cobbler with cream was out of this world.  The brownie was not bad either.  Good coffee. 

The chocolate cake wasn't bad, but the berry cobbler with cream was amazing

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